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Follow the steps below to participate in the re-watch challange: (no tag banners required)

1. Please visit  the nurses_station and comment on the sign in post. Please leave your team name, and which re-watch you will be participating in.

2. Follow the steps on the post to sign into your chat room.

3. Have a kick ass time, and collect some easy points. 


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17 September 2010 @ 08:31 pm
The whole idea of this challange is creativity, as well as to have a little bit of fun.
So here's the goal: Re-write a song a to be medically themed, or fandom themed.

Each team member is allowed one entry, you will recieve 10 points for submitting your lyrics, if you decided to be adventerous and film yourself singing your song you will recieve 25 points! This is supposed to be a fun challange, be creative!

Here is a classic example avaliable on youtube, where a bunch of medical students spoofed "Sexy Back."

Videos/Lyrics are due
Sat. Oct 9th/2010 at 11:59 pm (pacific time)

Note if you are making a video please include your lyrics as well.

As well you are only expected to re-write the chorus and one verse. So in poetry terms it's only two stanzas!

Finally all entries must include Your name, Your Team name, The Tittle and artist of the orginal song and your lyrics/video (if applied)

17 September 2010 @ 06:36 pm
 I am posting early since my father needs me to run off to Walmart with him. I am excited to see you all at the re-watch challenge tonight, I will be making the sign in post as soon as I get home.

Okay this is pretty much the give me for all land com's you need a tag banner. Something that represents you and your team. You can include any characters from any of the com's listed fandoms, please refer here.

I reccomend you tag banners to be around 150X300 pixels, and as well they must include:
  • Your Name (either real name, nickname, or lj user name)
  • Your Team Name
Each member can submit up to two tag banners for 5 points each. I will try to post some graphic resources in the member community within the next few days but if you are unfamiliar with photo shop or psp, I am sure your mods will be willing to give you a hand.

To view to example banners I have from communities I previously have participated in please look under the cut.
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ALL TAG BANNERS ARE DUE BY 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sept 30th

I will be posting 2 more challanges in the next 24 hours so keep an eye out.
17 September 2010 @ 02:33 pm

Sorry I made the orginal post for university and forgot to reference what we will be watching. WE will be watching the season Finales of both House and Greys Anatomy season 7 simutaniously. And for those of you who are behind or have never seen the fandoms we'll be over dosing on medical drama and hitting a double dose of the pilot episodes of either show and doing it retro.

So this is how tonight will run.

Some where b/w 6-7 PM: Eastern/Pacific time, the first challanges will be posted. (Pull out the world clock on your cell phone, and take a look at Seattle or Vancouver Time)

At 10 PM (again Eastern/Pacific time): We will begin the community re-watches. This is how it will work.

In the main com there will be a post directing you to a sign in sheet at the nurses_station , where you will post you user name as well as what re-watch you want to participate in. From there they will be a list of chat rooms made for each com, click you link and your good to go.

Ask your questions below.

As well for a notice i was posting all things in Edmonton AB time, i thought it would be easier to set it all to the Eastern time since it's a more well known time zone. SO incase anyone is confuzed the times in  would be 7-8pm for the challange posts and 11pm for the re-watches. I have linked a time zone chart to this post.

See Times Around The World
Time Zone Diagram (all challange times are in the -8 zone)

Your Mod,
17 September 2010 @ 08:49 am

challanges begin tonight at  6pm Pacific.

As well we will be having general re-watches at the community com at 10pm. Pacific (Vancouver or -8 time).


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09 September 2010 @ 03:35 pm
I come bearing both negitive and postive news today, so lets start with the ugly stuff. Today we closed team_nurses in order to progress the team selection progress. This enabled us to begin challanges sooner, and if the intrest arises we will re-open the team.

Now for the good news:

challanges will offically commence Sept.17th.




Okay this is my first poll, so if it goes haywire, not my fault.

Anyways WE HERE as your general mods, are getting anxious to get going, so we were wondering if as member you would want to start the challanges if you still have incomplete teams and add people as we go? MODS YOU INPUT AND COMMENTS ARE ESSENTIAL HERE!

Although what this does mean, is closing team_nurses , and putting the mods to work else where.

Every member who answers gets 2 points for their team, every mod who comments gets 5 points for their team.

QUESTION: Should we close team nurses and commence the competition?

Should we close team nurses and commence the competition?


Mods Please put your thoughts in here.

05 September 2010 @ 07:16 pm

Mods: hezaman , phoebe 
Members: alygator , benslerforever7 , greysfan4ever , hopelessly_lazy , nikki_1965 , scotlandaussie , sleddy_shipper , cinnamonstreet 
Spots Avaliable:  0 (there will be no wait list)

Mods: evilblacksheep , f3iv3lin3 
Members: jam_min , kateshepard , storybox , tressophistique , mathhhh , apricotsvea  
Spots Avaliable: 2

Mods: dizzyknee , howqueer , seriously_em  
Members: remychikeh , happiness_22  
Spots Avaliable: 4

Teams have no direct affliation with show, currently there are no waitlists for teams. Teams will be closed at 10 members(including mods) until all teams are full, then we will open spots again.
There will be a point in mid October, where members will have an opportunity to "change specialties." AKA move teams. 

31 August 2010 @ 07:52 pm
As you might have noticed, we're missing members from team_nurses  or team_specialist . SO we're giving you 24 hours to do a mass  recruiting challenge. You get points if you get someone to join team_nurses/specialist, so this is mainly a reference point post, You're gonna get 20 points if you get someone to join. But you only have 24 hours. If you get someone to join after that, you get 5 points. Comment to this post with the name of your recruitee and you'll get the points.

Also, just to make it clear, there will be NO waiting lists. When you join, you must put all four teams in the order of preference. If your first team choice is already fliied up, you'll be sorted to your second. Or third. Remeber, that the challenges will be same. The team names are just names, they don't matter to the game.

Thanks, and GO!
25 August 2010 @ 10:16 pm
Our very first challenge is to spread the word around! We want as many people in as we can get, the more the merrier, right?

This challenge closes 10th of September, midnight GMT. Link your pimps to your team thread. If you have any questions, ask on the question thread only.

5 points per pimp. Pimp at your own journal, a community (remember to ask the mod's permission first) your twitter, tumbrl, or somewhere else you see fit.
5 points if you make a header which other people can pimp with.
POINT LIMIT FOR THIS CHALLENGE IS 50. Feel free to pimp more but you won't get any extra point.

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Have fun!